1952-2023: A Birthday Reflection on 71 years

Written by on July 30, 2023

It’s rather difficult to reflect on 71 years, especially when only 20 of those years have been digitized.  But I am glad I did this even with some holes in the crazy history.   I came up with a new name…..
That’s the only way to cover 71 years.   I hope your 71 years have been as filled with joy as have mine.  Thanks to everyone in these pictures and to the hundreds of others who have made me cry, smile, and laugh.



Where it all started.  Leo Joseph Babin, Sr. and Mrs Marjorie Gilmore Babin (1946)

Very proud moment of my musical career, 7 4 19 in front of 15,000 at Tempe Towne Lake.

Our 40th birthday, 1992, Las Vegas

Pops and Barrett Jacob Babin, 2018

Chief Master Babin and Rear Admiral Matt Bell, USCG (ret) 2010.  Admiral Bell

is one of our earliest black belts.

The wedding day, 3 25 72

Hipsters from Arizona, 1977.

Black Belt Team, 1990

Graduation from University of New Orleans.

May 1974…  Note the amazing legs.

From the Tucson era, 1974–1980.


So proud of these boys, Whodats through and through 2012. AZ

Front kicking in Sequoia National Park, CA, 2021,

CMWJB, 8th Degree, 2015, the famous side kick.

University of New Orleans, 1973.

early “rubbadrumma” 1971, NOLA

High school graduate, 1970.

First day of school, 1958

Me and my brother Leo and Brownie, 1954

water ski fanatic at rest, 2019


ATA 35th anniversary, 2004


AZ Rock and Roll Marathon, 2009, 1 of 10 performances

Water ski fanatic, 2020

The first of the 11 family Christmas pics, 1952, all staged by my father, the “shutterbug of the 50s”

Tucson Era, 1974–80,

Red Rocks Canyon, Las Vegas, 2011, becoming Chief Master with the one and only, Soon Ho Lee.

The Rubber Memory II, 1970, freshman year at University of New Orleans.

So proud of this beautiful family, Babins in the desert, 2019.

Me and the fox, at nephew’s wedding, Memphis, 2023.  Once again, the famous legs, just like in 1974, but now with a tattoo!!!!

First grade, 1958, Metairie Grammar School, NOLA.

With the coolest nephews, Memphis 2023.

“Sparky Babin,” December 2022. Arizona.

Tucson era, 1976, with Ted & Jane.

So proud of these boys.

With the fox in Haeng Ung Lee’s office,, ATA founder and president, 1984, Little Rock AR.

The final family Christmas picture (1962) before my father died.

An amazing picture, AZ, 1992, me, EGM H.U. Lee (deceased), Mr. Rex Veeder (my instructor, deceased).

Me and The Fox, age 16, NOLA, 1968.  So totally cool (me) and hot (her).


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