Lesson #15: I Am Risen

Written by on March 29, 2024

The divinity of man




In KEEP A TRUE LENT, Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, writes:

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.  Its inner meaning and spiritual significance is the awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in man, which has been dead in trespass and sins and buried in the tomb of materiality…. Every time we rise to the realization of eternal, indwelling life, making union with the Father-Mind, the resurrection of Jesus takes place within us.”

Wow!!   What an incredible statement this is!!!!!!!   And it parallels what Eric Butterworth says in DISCOVER THE POWER WITHIN YOU….. Jesus came to teach the divinity of man!

A resurrection takes place in YOU!

And Jesus showed us the way.  He did it himself!!!!   Any time you cross out (“crucify”) error thinking, a “resurrection” takes place in you.  It can happen every year, every month, every week, every day.   It just requires your AWARENESS and focus on the divine spirit within.

Comments from Rev. Joy Wyler

Comments from Rev. Sandra Campbell

Like all Bible stories, the resurrection is a metaphor for transformation.  The central character is an enlightened rabbi who showed the way to abundant living.  During this Lenten season, our days have been lengthened and our lives transformed by the renewing of our minds.  We have the power every day to transform our life experiences, to rise above our pasts, and to turn problems into opportunities.  Happy Resurrection Day!”

Your affirmation for the rest of your life!

So as you go forth today, celebrating Jesus and his incredible triumph, start taking the steps to create a resurrection in YOU by using this affirmation:

I am risen! Doubt and fear have been crucified. And I am risen! I am divine. I am powerful. I am connected to the infinite divine power, the very loving presence of god. I have rejected doubt. I step forward in a shining burst of light. I am the radiant being that will bring my special gift to the world. And no matter what form that gift actually takes, it will always be an expression of love. I am the one to bring a smile to a stranger. I am the one to offer a gentle touch to the one in despair. I am the one to speak for those too depressed and beaten down to stand. I am the light and love of god in this world and I am FREE to be me.

Peace, Bill

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