Lesson #13: I fast on limitation. I feast on potential.

Written by on March 26, 2024


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Who are you?

You are a divine being of incredible potential having a human experience, not a human being having a divine experience. 

It is that simple and there is no counter argument, although your mind and your foolish social experiences will try to convince you otherwise.

How do you feel when someone pays you a compliment?  Do you smile graciously, accept that gesture, and feel good.  Or do you deny that person’s opinion of you and refuse the compliment, brush it off, and say,  “That was nothing”?

These habits of thought are important.  Learn to accept compliments, to feel good when you are praised.

Stumbling blocks

Stop thinking about mistakes of the past.  Fast from any thought that minimizes your potential.  Learn to look for these stumbling blocks:

  • I’m too old, fat, young.
  • I don’t have the right clothes.
  • I’m not strong, fast, flexible enough.
  • If only I lived _______________.
  • My older sister always gets the first chance.
  • I’m not smart enough. 
  • I’m not white, black, red, yellow…….
  • I could have done really well if I had been born __________

Find sources of inspiration

Instead, improve your skills through practice AND find sources of inspiration.  You CAN do this!

Martha Smock describes it best:

“Something in you knows that you are greater than anything you have yet experienced or expressed.  This inner knowing, this feeling of potential greatness, is the spirit of god in you trying to break through.  It is like the sunlight that may be temporarily hidden behind clouds, but the clouds cannot take away the light. Nothing can erase or lessen the bright, glorious, wonderful spirit that is in you.”

Release the past.  Fast from its limitations.   Forgive others.   Do not fear the future.  Be in the moment.   In this way, you will release all the glory that lies within you and bring the greatest gift into this world, YOUR divine presence. 

Peace, Bill

Recommended inspirational reading

Eric Butterworth: Discover the Power Within

Linda Martella-Whitsett: Divine Audacity

Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture

Jenn Sincero: You are a Badass

Cynthia Kersey: Unstoppable

Wayne Dyer: Your Erroneous Zones

Don Miguel Ruiz:  The Four Agreements

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