This Magic Moment: Part 6 CM Jaime

Written by on June 11, 2023


CM Jaime

There was a time back in the late 90s when my son, Jacob,  was chasing a world title.  His mom and I were very excited,  and we decided to do all that we could to support him.  He was about 17 at the time, so we considered letting him travel alone if we could make arrangements with some other ATA folks to keep an eye on him.

CM Jaime opened his home to Jacob and took care of him on two or three tournament trips to the Sacramento area.  I recall that Jacob did rather well at those events and he eventually won the sparring title in the Men’s 19-29 group in 2000.

Here’s Jacob breaking three boards.   I am sure that the hospitality and kindness of CM Jaime and his family and staff helped Jacob develop the confidence to break these boards, to become a champion, and to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.


Later on, after many events that CM Jaime and I shared as judges, he and I sat together at EGM’s funeral in 2000.  That was a difficult day.  We have been good friends since that time.  I am so grateful for his kindness and companionship.  And those qualities will make him a great 9th degree!


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