6 Secrets to Success with ATA Tiny Tigers: Part 4

Written by on June 23, 2011

Secret #4: create a smooth, personalized transition to K4K

Once a TIGER turns age SIX, we watch him closely, looking for signs of the need to move to K4K.  We always do a “training conference” with the family to make plans for this transition.  It ‘s a great opportunity to build value.  More on that later.  The most obvious signs that a TIGER is ready for K4K occur when the TIGER

1.      spars too hard for anyone else in the class

2.      memorizes part of his form on his own

3.      shows signs of lagging motivation.

4.      is close to age 7

A brilliant idea!

All of these signs indicate that the TIGER needs the greater challenge of K4K curriculum.   Here’s how to make the transition to K4K really smooth:  our entire TT curriculum is ONE BLOCK behind the K4K block.   In this way, when a tiger moves to K4K, he is doing the same form in K4K that he was doing the previous cycle in TT.

Earn trust and support

And here’s another really radical idea: some kids moving to K4K spend 4-8 months training in K4K BEFORE they graduate, depending on their age and maturity.   I know that curls hair among those who say, “students need to advance or they’ll quit.”   Well I also know that when you have earned the trust and support of families, parents will support your decisions about not graduating and keep bringing their kids to class because they really trust you!!!!  That’s money in the bank, but most often, it is also the right thing to do!

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