As a man thinketh…

Written by on February 18, 2019

Although I spend as little time as possible listening to the “news,”   I have not been able to avoid some details about the chaos and tragedy that dominate news reports almost all the time.    Here’s a few thoughts.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”……..words of wisdom from many great leaders.

What is the power of the word, the power of thought…what we think about is what we become. it is our life experience.  If this is true, then it is a great power for sure, a great responsibility, for we must be careful what we think about.

So how do we explain so much hate in the world.   Consider this

There are two groups of people

  1. those who are conscious of this truth, and
  2. those who are not!

Those who are. understand the power of thought and they try to live in love.  They understand that fear and hatred are the absence of love.  When they feel scared or agitated, they look for love; they try to create loving thoughts, listen to loving music, go to a peaceful place or seek the comfort of loved ones.

Those who are not, live lives that are controlled by their emotions totally.   Now I am not asking you to go all Vulcan on me….just understand that many do not realize that they have some control over how they feel.  These people can act out on their feelings of fear, hatred, anger, depression.   They are influenced easily by the words and actions of others.


In fact, totally the opposite is true—do not try to suppress your emotions.   Instead cultivate your empathetic and sympathetic skills with passion.   When you do, you will become a love generator.  And LOVE is the most powerful in the universe.

It is your job to bring more love into the world.   You be the leader who speaks words of peace, love, reconciliation, forgiveness.  You be the voice of reason, the voice of tolerance, the voice of inclusivity, the voice of forgiveness.   Why is it that these teachings ….from the very mouth of the  man we espouse as the spiritual leader of Western civilization, do not resonate with our culture?  Why?   Instead we seem to institutionalize hatred, fear, divisiveness, alienation.    The only answer is that we as a race do not understand the power of thought.  We do not understand that we become what we think about.  So if you want more love in your life, then think thoughts of love; say words of love.   YOU can let your love light shine.  YOU should be the one who helps just one person feel more at peace.  YOU have the power to do that and in doing so, YOU become LOVE.




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