GM Soon Ho Lee – Story 1

Written by on April 18, 2020

Here is a great comment from my good friend and fellow Chief Master, Stephen Westbrook:
Love the story, sir. When I got my Mastership in 96′ . I had to train with him for three days. It seemed to me we did the perfect sidekick 10,000 times. He gave me his complete attention during the training. We went to the beach and trained in the water. It was like 40 degrees and was blowing 25-35 miles per hour. It looked like we were on the moon. It took 2 weeks to get the sand out of places that we can’t talk about. It was the best time and he did a very similar calligraphy for me at the end of the workout, so amazing. I had to grind the rocks up to make the ink. I have them hanging in my office beside my Mastership Certificate. This story makes me smile and know I have brothers like you that I have shared these remarkable experiences. Thank you


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