Lesson #3: acceptance

Written by on February 17, 2024




What if you “liked” everything about your life?

Sorry, I realize that’s too much to ask.  Let me rephrase it.

What if you “accepted” everything about your life?

Let’s go back a little further in this thought process.  You do understand that thoughts are things and they take up space in your mind, right?   And your mind is like your house and your thoughts are like furniture and other stuff.  You keep filling your house with stuff and soon there is no room for new things.  Think about it!

How much time do spend reacting to and judging everything that happens to you?  Pause and consider that.


What if you accepted what’s happening right now?

I am not saying you need to like everything, to enjoy everything.  I’m not telling you to be happy about being sick, about being burned by a fever, about vomiting and diarrhea.    I am asking you to take a metaphysical position that is neither “liking” being sick  nor “complaining constantly” about being sick.

That mental position, that place,  is called “acceptance.”

Put yourself to the test.  As I said in Lesson #1 on “awareness,” separate yourself from what is happening.  Become the “watcher.” Create a train of thought that becomes something like this:

“I accept what is happening now.  Yes, it is uncomfortable, yes I would rather be playing with my children, but ‘sick’ is what is happening right now.   I understand that this condition is temporary.  I know that I am actually a divine spirit having a human experience and I know that health and vitality are coming back right now.”

Once you move to acceptance, you create an open space in which to affirm the arrival good things.   We do become what we think about, so work now to discipline your mind, accept what is, and affirm the good that is to come.



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