Lesson #4: fear / courage

Written by on February 27, 2024

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Denial for today:

“I fast from fear.”

Affirmation for today:

“I feast on courage.”



I agree that this is a hard one, so let’s take it slowly.   It seems that I am asking you to just let go of your fear, your uneasiness, your worry.  And you are thinking, “If I could let go of my fears, then they wouldn’t be fears, right?”

I agree, so as I said, let’s take it slowly.


Think about something else

Our first step in all growth, in all change, in all improvement, is to become the “watcher.”  Use your mind to separate yourself from the situation, from the source of fear / worry, and simply focus on your breath.    Sit still in a private area, close your eyes if you like, and just breathe.  As you exhale, allow all troublesome thoughts to float out.  As you inhale, breathe in thoughts of hope and strength.

How about instead of asking you to “let go of your fears,”  I say, “For just a few moments, let’s think of something else.”

Isn’t that amazing?    If you think about something else, the fearful thoughts DO NOT EXIST!!!

This is a powerful realization that will change your life.   Think about it for a moment: If you think about something else, the fearful thoughts DO NOT EXIST!!!

Now ask this question: “What things make me uneasy?”  Money?  Relationships?  Career?  Children? Neighbors?   It might help to write down these things.  Now that you have this list, you can be more aware of where your thoughts are going.    If your relationship with your son is a source of worry, you are now prepared to move your focus away from that issue when it comes up and simply think about something else, even for just a few moments.  In this example, try to remember happy times with your son.   If your mind shifts back to focusing on your difficulties, then send your thoughts somewhere else.

The more you practice this technique, the better you get at shifting your focus and freeing yourself from any fear.   Practice every day.

Create the “space of possibility.”

Having cleared your mind, you can now put in some new and productive ideas.  Having emptied your living room of old furniture and decor, you can now redecorate and bring in the new.    Reverend Kathy Beasley says, “When I summon the courage to break free from the distraction fear creates, I can shift my perspective to the space of possibility.”

The “space of possibility”……..  what an incredible phrase!!!!

Now into this “space of possibility” you can feast on these nourishing thoughts:

“You are a child of God, filled with joy and peace.”

There is within you a powerful divine presence that has nothing else to do but take care of you.” (from Rev Joel Baehr)

“You are a powerful divine creature, filled with strength and hope.”

“You are a radiating center of divine love.”

Now, start “doing.”

Let’s take this process one step further.  Begin to DO things that will improve the situation which is a source of worry or fear.  Use these quiet moments to develop ideas and strategies that will actually improve the situation.  Now as you move forward, your thoughts AND your actions are moving you away from fear and into confidence.   One small victory of this nature begins to help you build a “heart of courage.”  You now begin to believe that you CAN DO IT.  You can let go of worry, stress, fear.   Keep practicing and you become more and more courageous.  Now having entered the “space of possibility,”  you can feast on courage.

This idea that I can even for just a brief moment stop thinking fearful, worrisome thoughts and instead, think about something else is known as “The Golden Key,” a powerful short book by Emmett Fox.   Get your copy today and begin this powerful practice.

–Peace, Bill.








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