Lesson #8: Fast from error thinking. Feast on faith.

Written by on March 8, 2024

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I fast from error thinking. 

I feast on faith and hope.

I suggest that you forget about giving up for Lent beer or quilting or dancing or gum or soda or tobacco or chocolate or wine.    Even if you are making a sacrifice by giving up something,  you are not affecting your state of mind in a way that moves you forward.

No, instead, I suggest giving up “error thoughts” for lent. An error thought is any thought which does not affirm your perfection as a divine creature filled with love. So think about the last time you yelled at another driver, got frustrated with your neighbor, spouse, or coworker, or spewed forth a political rant.

Try this thought:

“I fast from error thoughts and make room in my consciousness for new understanding.”

Try it. Although it is simple, it is not easy, but with practice you can make progress. In other words, refrain from anxiety, worry, anger, hate, frustration, and doubt.    You understand; let’s stop thinking in the way that makes us look like this guy.

Here are some specific examples of how THIS guy thinks and why he looks like that.

You loose control in traffic, criticize other drivers, and perhaps even drive aggressively in response to what other drivers do.

You are constantly frustrated by how your spouse (boss, neighbor, brother, sister….) does not measure up to your expectations.  You think, “If only she would do this, we would get along perfectly.” 

You go to sleep wondering what your boss thinks of you and if you are going to get that promotion.

You wonder how you are going to pay for college for your two children. 

You express disdain for certain groups, races, or nationalities.  You wonder, “Why can’t they speak English?”

You really want to apply for that job but just can’t seem to believe that you can actually handle it.  You doubt your abilities.

Just as you are about to finish a big project, your computer crashes.  In fact, there are frustrating problems with it all the time. 

Yep, I am asking you to give up any thought that sounds like those.

You should look like this guy.

“How” you ask, “can I do that?”  Let’s set up a process.

  1. REMEMBER, thoughts are things and take up space in your mind just like furniture takes up space in your home.
  2. You can REDECORATE your mind with new “good” thoughts, just like you can REDECORATE your living room with new furniture that you like.  YOU can make this choice.
  3. Find a basis for HOPE and FAITH in your consciousness and heart.
  4. Make the development of HOPE and FAITH a part of every day by starting each day with some reading of motivational or spiritual material.  Suggested authors: Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Charles Fillmore,  Myrtle Fillmore, Emmett Fox, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Eric Butterworth, Deepok Chopra, Esther Hicks, Neil Donald Walsh, Michael Beckwith, James Dillet Freeman, Leo Buscaglia, Daily Word Magazine.



Build faith and hope

Let’s continue to build faith and hope……. Try for a moment to see that there is order in our universe. Really this is obvious; everything in the universe fits a pattern or is governed by the laws of physics. Look at our world: is not the earth just one big living organism in which everything is intimately connected, a truth we are so painfully learning?

Look at your body: do you not see that your brain and bones and muscles and nerves are all working together in a most amazing way?

These truths are a big reason to smile and be positive.

See order everywhere



Try to extrapolate from these proofs of “order” to a larger view that says, “all is working together for good.” I know that horrible things happen in our world. I know that there is hate. But I prefer to believe that hate is the absence of love. And as MLK said, the answer to hate is more love, not more hate. And I also believe that if good people are suddenly and violently snatched from this life, my inability to grasp these situations just indicates the limitations of my thinking. It does not confirm the existence of a universe run amok or a capricious god who “lets bad things happen to good people”. As I said at the beginning, this concept takes faith and it is not easy, but I find that I can move forward each day, despite setbacks, spreading some joy and limited happiness, by keeping this faith in what we often call “divine order.”

Now let’s find some “new” thoughts—or “affirmations”—to fill your mind so you start looking like this happy lady.


New thoughts for you

There is only one power and presence in the world, god the good.   –Joel Baehr

I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.    —Charles Fillmore

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.  — Jonathan Borge

As I crucify error thoughts of fear, doubt, frustration, and lack, I am reborn into a new consciousness of love, hope, faith, strength, and abundance. —William Babin

Every dollar I circulate enriches the economy and comes back to me multiplied. –Jerry Gillies

My body is strong,  healthy, and vitally alive.  

I let go and let god.  I am at peace. 

I am a radiating center of divine love, mighty to attract my good and to radiate good to others.    –Joel Baehr

I understand that even brief moments of frustration and anger over situations, things, and people are poison to my consciousness, to my spirit. I exhale and release these thoughts. I let go of any thought, feeling, or memory that no longer serves my unfolding good. Through the power of my imagination and the power of my faith, I create a positive life, free of judgment and filled with joy and peace and satisfaction.     —wjb

I live in the NOW, knowing divine order prevails in all things.  In this moment of freedom, I feel the power of divine love welling up in me.  I grasp the thought that I am strong.  And I consciously use my will to choose each day to act with love and kindness, and not be buffeted by the winds of anger, disappointment, and frustration.  With this new perspective, I release my need to control, and I know that divine order is at work in my life.      —wjb

Make your growth continuous

Think about writing your own positive thoughts, known as “affirmations.”  This growth is a project for your life.  Give yourself the gift of a few moments EVERY DAY in which to fast from error thought and feast on hope and faith.

You CAN do it.

You CAN choose to be happy.

You CAN accept the things that used to frustrate you and work toward making your life better through faith and hope.

YOU CAN!  And you’ll look like this guy!



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–Peace, Bill


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