Lesson #9: Fast from gloom. Feast on enthusiasm.

Written by on March 11, 2024

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I fast from gloom.

I feast on enthusiasm.

Do you ever feel down?   Does gloom sometimes rest in your heart?   Hover over your head?  At times like this, remember these words by Martha Smock:

“You are meant to be alive and enthusiastic.  You are meant to press forward eagerly.  You are meant to grow and unfold spiritually, as well as to be whole and perfect mentally and physically.  You are meant to know that God is in you.  You are meant to express the Christ in you.”

But you say, “When I am down, I AM DOWN.  It’s hard for me to shake this gloom.”   I understand, but you must realize that much of that gloom is a direct result of the trash you keep putting into your consciousness.    Remember the computer protocol:  “garbage in…. garbage out.”

Let’s look at some “garbage” that might be poisoning your consciousness.

Garbage in…..Garbage out





  • TELEVISION / RADIO NEWS:  90% of this content is totally useless.  Learn to limit the amount of time you are watching TV news and be specific about where you get news.  We have so much information floating around, you WILL learn about anything you really need to know.
  • ALTERNATIVE #1:  Good News Network:  Click Here to find stories of human courage and kindness.  Great stuff!
  • ALTERNATIVE #2: Positive News:    Click Here  to find a great source for positive news that is divided into several categories:  society, environment, lifestyle, science, economics, opinion, UK, world.    More great stuff!
  • FACEBOOK:  One of the worst places to simply hang out.  Use a timer to limit your time on this site.  Facebook is dominated by people arguing and ranting.  If you simply can’t resist Facebook, try these special pages
  • ALTERNATIVE #1: The Jon S. Randal Peace Page:  Rare, but uplifting stories of human kindness, love, and courage.  Great stuff.  Click Here to visit.
  • ALTERNATIVE #2:  A Mighty Girl:    Although this site is especially great for young girls, it is inspiring to anyone who reads it.  More great stuff! Click Here to visit.  
  • NEGATIVE PEOPLE: Begin to listen more carefully to your intuition.  It will alert you with an uneasy feeling when you are close to a negative person.   Learn simply to excuse yourself.  Just smile and walk away.  

So, “fast from gloom” means. . . .

  • limit your time consuming TV / radio news
  • limit your time browsing Facebook and other social media
  • avoid negative people

Just doing ONE of these will change your heart and mind in just one day.  Do all three, and you are headed for JOY!

Now how can you begin to “feast on enthusiasm”?

Order is everywhere

Can you find even the smallest reason for hope?   Can you see in just some small things around you that there is a powerful order in your life?  Surely the answer is yes.   So again, this task is about mental discipline.    Can you build the discipline to shift your mind from the gloom we discussed above and turn your focus to enthusiasm for life?  YES YOU CAN!     And here’s some ideas:

  1. SEPARATE yourself from much of the discouraging clatter that fills our lives—radio, tv, facebook, blogs, youtube.
  2. SURROUND yourself with encouraging books, magazines, videos, and people. Surround yourself with people who are joyous and filled with enthusiasm for life. Beware of fear-mongers and gossipers.
  3. READ:  Gather inspirational reading material and simply start reading when darkness comes. Some suggestions are DISCOVER THE POWER WITHIN by Eric Butterworth, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz, THE GOLDEN KEY by Emmett Fox, YOU ARE A BADASS by Jenn Sincero, and DAILY WORD magazine from Silent Unity.
  4. DEVOTE a few minutes each day to your own spiritual development. Go into the silence, let go of worry, and feel the divine presence around you.
  5. ASK for help from friends and organizations like SILENT UNITY (816.969.2000).
  6. ACT like a person filled with joy and enthusiasm.  Go for the joy in your heart and express the divine love that truly is your nature.   Give a smile, hold open a door, let someone into traffic, say nice things to friends, family, AND total strangers, make a donation of time or money.  Once you start expressing this special gift that is your true nature, the gloom will begin to disappear.

With these steps, you can fast from gloom and feast on enthusiasm.

Peace, Bill.

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