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Written by on September 29, 2009

McKenna Lohide

McKenna Lohide

Trains With Focus and Effort!

Two years ago, McKenna went to a birthday party and her life has been more fun ever since.   That party took place at Karate for Kids in Chandler and although mom and dad and McKenna were not thinking about martial arts training, the moment McKenna did a little Karate, she was hooked.

We were not looking for more focus or confidence or discipline.  She was doing well at home, at school, and in competitive cheer.  But she liked Taekwondo so much we decided to enroll her, thinking it might help with her cheerleading.”

And, once again, LEADERSHIP TRAINING makes a difference.  Mrs. Lohide says: “After working in the leadership classes, we did notice that her voice became louder and her presentation in cheer became stronger.”

McKenna’s training went very well, and then suddenly, a year ago, everything changed.    “We went to class and the door was locked—the business had closed.” Because McKenna enjoyed Taekwondo so much, Mom and Dad wanted to continue supporting it.  They looked around other ATA Academies in the area and when they visited our Academy in Mesa, they knew they found a new Taekwondo home.   “Here in Mesa it just felt right,” Mrs. Lohide said. 

“And when I talk to parents about martial arts, I tell them to come here (Mesa). We’ve been to other schools and we know there is a difference.   In Mesa, the expectations for students are HIGH; the staff and instructors communicate well with parents and kids alike, and I can see a real connection between the things she learns in class day to day, week to week, and month to month.”

McKenna’s favorite TKD activity is breaking: “It makes me feel strong!” And this simple comment sums up two years of focused training:  “Taekwondo is exciting.  It’s fun!”

Mrs. Lohide also said that another great benefit is the self-defense: “In the beginning, we were not looking for self-defense training, but I AND McKenna have learned so much about safety.  It has been a great surprise benefit!”

So if you want to see a student who trains with focus and real effort, someone who is headed

for success as a Black belt, then watch McKenna Lohide.

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