PART 5: Six Secrets to Success with ATA Tiny Tigers

Written by on July 4, 2011


Here’s a tip: go to the library and read some business books on customer service.   None of this is “rocket science.”   Most of it is just common sense, courtesy, and honesty.  Here are a few recommendations:  SWIM WITH THE SHARKS, IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE, and CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.


  1. Training conferences are done both formally (usually prior to upgrading) and informally (just talking after class with parents about their children).   This effort never stops.   It happens everyday, with every class.
  2. Curriculum-based instruction means that almost every class in your entire academy is connected—conceptually—to every other class.   There is something that is happening in my TT basic class that is preparing them to be in my 1st degree black belt class.   There is some progression from beginner to intermediate and to advanced and on to black belt.  And ALL instructors teach from some kind of planner that ties each separate instructor in each class to the work of the other instructors in the other classes.  (More on this in another newsletter).
  3. Structured organized classes that stress focus and discipline.  They learn to STAND STILL!
  4. Reasonably paced advancements
  5. Communicate clear expectations about classroom behavior to parents and explain the consequences of inappropriate behavior.
  6. Regular lobby talk to stress participation in special event and seminars
  7. Involving parents in almost every class to hold boards, targets, and assist with drills.
  8. Greeting students and parents with a smile and name.
  9. Talk to the parents while you are teaching class.  “Who’s the proud parent of this powerful puncher?”


Next week we’ll wrap it up with PART 6.  DON’T FORGET TO POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!!!

What are YOUR ideas on”creating value?”



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