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Written by on November 2, 2021


I believe in the power of my words and thoughts.  Therefore I speak and think only of love and peace and joy.  Will you help me?   Will you try at least once a day to get still and clear your mind of fear, of anger, of frustration, and focus on love and peace and joy?


There are lots of forces and people in our world that want us to be fearful.  These forces teach us that someone is coming to take your job, to take your home, to take your guns, to harm your family.  These “attackers” are often foreigners, outsiders of some kind, or racially different.  Or there are the politicians, the judges, the lawyers, the governors.  These people are making policies and laws that limit your freedom, take your money, and snuff out opportunities.  And finally, if none of those are a problem in your mind, there is always mother nature, bringing in a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, and pestilence and disease.


We all have a choice……

Smile         Frown

We can listen to these outside forces and people and cultivate our own sense of fear…….  or

We can turn inward and listen to the great divine spirit that lives within.

Do you want peace in your heart or do you want to live in fear of everything all the time?

Easy              Hard

Now making this choice is both easy and hard.

It is easy because it all happens in your mind.  YOU decide where to focus your attention. (You do realize that YOU can do that, right?).  So in just one split second, you can obliterate fear and replace it with hope.

But this decision is HARD because the flow of hate, fear, misinformation, opinion—the stuff we often call “news”—comes at us a million bits per second and the voice of your divine partner is a soft message from within your heart.

So HOW do we make this choice?

  1. TURN OFF your news media sources…. ALL of them, Fox, CNN, NPR.  Just stop listening
  2. CANCEL your newspaper and news magazine subscriptions.  (You will not miss any important info because you do #1 and #2.)
  3. FIND a spiritual home where you can visit at least once a week where like-minded people are working to grow spiritually and find the divine within.
  4. READ positive books and listen to podcasts and videos by people like Wayne Dyer, Deepok Chopra, Eric Butterworth, Myrtle Fillmore, Napolenon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Leo Buscaglia, Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown.  Shut down the flow of trash (#1 and #2) and increase the input of good stuff.  Remember, GIGO…. “garbage in; garbage out”
  5. DAILY ACTION:  turn your mind and heart to the positive many times each day.  Set your alarm for every hour or two hours and just take two minutes to be still and focus on an affirmation that uplifts you, like:  “I am happpy because I know I am divine and filled with love.” 
  6. SUBSCRIBE to Daily Word Magazine, an amazing daily dose of inspiration, love, and joy.  http://www.dailyword.com/faq/what-subscription-options-are-available
  7. RADIATE:  this will happen automatically as your grow, but it is also good to think specifically about sharing your love and light with those around you by smiling, giving a compliment, holding a door, assisting someone, letting others in while driving, just simply acknowledging a person as you pass while entering the grocery, and so on.  These small acts of kindness lift others tremendously and help them also to believe that fear is “false evidence appearing real.”

No time for guilt

Please understand that I am not trying to claim that I am some kind of “perfectly at peace guru” who never gets mad or disappointed or frustrated.  That is far from the truth.  And I don’t want anyone who reads this to feel guilty for yelling at a rude driver. It is all relative and we all need to just keep trying.   You might consider keeping a list of moments in the day when you felt bad and consciously chose a better feeling or words.  In this way, you will build a record of spiritual progress ….. and that will be super cool.

I am not a perfect guru, never disturbed by the circumstances of human existence……But I am ON THE PATH and I try as much as possible to do two things

  1. STAY AWARE of how i feel and think
  2. CHOOSE a better thought or feeling when I do get mad or disappointed or frustrated.

And really that’s all we need to do:  STAY AWARE and TRY.  I know that together, we can do this

Be at peace, my friends.




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