Share Your Light – It’s a Special “Talent.”

Written by on April 29, 2020

Share Your Light – It’s a Special “Talent.”


I’m sure you have had this experience:  you are at a sporting event or a concert or the theater and you are overwhelmed by the performance.  It has touched you at a soul level, and you are thinking: “I wish I had talent like that.   I just don’t have anything that special to share.”

Please be careful about judging yourself in this way, about separating yourself from those who “have talent.”   Please do not put these performers on a pedestal.

Think about this:

You have EYES with which to share an attentive gaze.

You have a VOICE with which to share kind words.

You have a FACE with hundreds of muscles with which to create and share a radiant smile.

Let’s do this little exercise now.

Just take a moment, get still, relax and breathe so you can contact your inner presence of love and joy.  Breathe in hope and strength and faith and joy.  Exhale anger, worry, doubt, and frustration.   Now open your eyes and just give me a big smile.   Grab your phone, take a selfie of that smile, post it to Facebook and write:

“I wish joy and peace and love to all of you. Namaste.”

Please do not undervalue this simple gesture.

Please do not undervalue what YOU have to give the world.

Please do not separate yourself from all the others who have “talent.”

What if your talent is smiling?

What if your talent is saying kind words?

What if your talent is just the right supportive touch?

Still not sure this is important?    Well let’s look at from the other direction.

Have you been on the receiving end of a smile like that?   Have you been uplifted by someone’s kind words?    Were you transformed by the perfect hug at the perfect time?   What value did you place on that experience?    Would you say that perfect hug was less important than winning a gold medal?   There is no comparison at all, so let’s stop downgrading ourselves because we are not great athletes, famous painters, and gold medal winners.

Get in touch with the divine presence in your heart and then share your love with the world in any form at all. Namaste.



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