The “No Change” – Part 1

Written by on May 25, 2020

The “No Change” – Part 1

When you try to advance in rank and do not meet the criteria to pass, you receive a “no change.”   Obviously this is a great disappointment, but imagine, please, if you manage to “no change” at the three most important points of advancement for ANY black belt:  FIRST degree, FOURTH degree, and SIXTH degree.  That is the road traveled by Chief Master Babin.  His thoughts and honesty will help guide you through these difficult, challenging times so you can come out victorious and proud.






At my first test for 1st black (Nov 1979) in front of Master H.U. Lee (above).


All three of these pics (below) are from April 1980 when I passed my test for 1st degree black.

















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