This Magic Moment: Part 7 CM Isaacs

Written by on June 15, 2023

CM Tony Isaacs

I promise you!  I am not lying!   I know there is little photographic evidence, but I did indeed attend the FIRST Korea tour in 1987.

Here is a pic from 2011 when some of the original 1987 pilgrims also attended the 2011 tour.  I’m in that pic, top left.

But that trip took place in a galaxy far far away, and although I have many great pics from that time, they are all slides which have never been digitized.

And at that time, we never lined up by height.

Those of you who know us surely know that

Tony Isaacs is a very tall person, guessing around 6′ 5″

William Babin is a very short person, guessing around 5′ 4″.

Somehow, CM Isaacs was always ahead of me in my squad, and nearly always blocked my radiant visage from the curious cameras.   (We got a lot of press coverage on that trip.  Korean journalists were around us all the time.)   It was quite frustrating, and I know at some time in the future, I will find the photographic evidence to prove this point.

No hard feelings, Sir.  We had a great time, and in the years to come we would meet three to four times per year at tournaments, camps, and seminars, and we would talk seriously about faith, about black belt attitude, and about success in business.

And in what is often usual ATA fashion, Tony Isaacs’ son, Jesse, has grown into an ATA Master himself, and now helps his dad run some great schools in Florida.  It has been wonderful watching young Mr. Isaacs grow into this great leadership role.

CM Tony Isaacs, it has been a fun and wonderful relationship, Sir.   If height were the only criteria for 9th degree, you surely would quality.  But I really think it is your humility, your strength, your discipline, and your leadership that will make you a great 9th degree.


Bill Babin

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