Training Tips of a Chief Master #2

Written by on August 6, 2020

Training Tips of a Chief Master  #2

Who is on your championship team?

In this episode, Chief Master Babin explains how to build a championship team of professionals who will help you to the mountaintop of success.

TRAINING TIPS OF A CHIEF MASTER   #2                “Who is on your team?”

We just talked about how it is lonely at the top in Tip #1.   And that is precisely why you need to assemble a team of professionals to help you.  Martial artists especially can be very independent, sometimes stubborn, folks.  We always believe we can do it.  The real truth is that all successful people have helpers who support them on their missions.  Here’s a few to consider.


Any athlete should have an orthopedic specialist on your team.   This doctor should be someone you trust completely.  After all, as an athlete / professional martial artist, your body and your health are closely connected to making money.   You should be able to consult this expert easily and quickly, and she should be able to connect you to physical therapists.  Don’t wait till you are hurt to go looking for a doctor.  Start looking now.  Use the internet for customer comments, but more important, look for someone recommended by other athletes or sports medical personnel.


Massage is critical to the health of any athlete.   Again, don’t wait till you are hurt.   Integrate massage therapy into your weekly regimen.


Business is challenging.  Taekwondo training and advancement to 8th degree black belt will present major emotional obstacles.  Recruit someone—a minister, a priest, a rabbi, a shaman, a medicine man, a monk—who really has committed to the spiritual life.   And this person should not be a good friend.  Friends can provide important emotional support.  A spiritual guide will always tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it.


There’s not much more to say here.  You need an attorney.   As a business owner you will encounter several areas of law with which you are probably not familiar, for example.

1.LEASES:  almost all businesses rent space.  You need an attorney to help review these documents and help you get the best deal.

  1. HUMAN RESOURCES: Are you an expert on human resource laws? I doubt it.   Have someone who can help you create employee guidelines or a staff manual.
  2. CONTRACT LAW for partnerships, property purchases.
  3. LIABILITY, especially in martial arts training, you need some expert consultation in this area.

You don’t need four separate attorneys.  Look for a business lawyer and explain your needs to him.

CPA       /       TAX ADVISOR       /      FINANCIAL PLANNER       /       BOOKKEEPER

You will probably find some of these functions combined in one or two people.  For example,  My CPA was also my TAX ADVISOR.  He prepared my tax return and guided me on estimating my annual tax liability.  Then I had a separate BOOKKEEPER who came to my office twice a month to perform several tasks:

  1. Balanced the checkbook
  2. Pay the bills
  3. Prepare sales tax, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and payroll tax reports

And finally, I also had a FINANCIAL ADVISOR who managed my investments and simplified employee pension plan.  He had access to my CPA, but his function was entirely different.  He made sure I PAID MYSELF FIRST and saved properly.


The final members of your championship team should be close friends who are not actually part of your business but know you well enough to “lend an ear” when you need to talk or “vent.”  And you should not be socializing with customers or staff.   That is not good business practice.

Put together a winning team so you can go all the way to the championship.

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