Training Tips of a Chief Master #4

Written by on August 12, 2020

Training Tips of a Chief Master

#4  The Role of Resistance Training

Most of you are already familiar with the FIVE elements of physical fitness.  You should be training with all five of these objectives in mind.  
cardiovascular endurance


muscle strength

muscle endurance

body fat percentage

Today, I just want to address the role of RESISTANCE training which means simply to apply some form of resistance as your body does some kind of motion.  The resistance may be free weights, machines, resistance bands, or just gravity.    You can even combine all four of those approaches to add variety and stimulation to your workout.    

Resistance training is very important because it

  1. increases muscle strength and endurance which can raise metablolism and help control weight
  2. increases bone density and helps to prevent osteoporosis

Watch the video for more details on how I have combined resistance training with taekwondo.

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