Training Tips of a Chief Master #5

Written by on August 18, 2020

Training Tips of a Chief Master #5 — Use Video

Every great athlete, every great sports team, uses video as a way to improve technique.   Remember Tip #1: be prepared to be alone.  So if it will be six months before your see your instructor or your next clinic, video your form so you can evaluate your performance.

Taekwondo is photogenic.  We all love to watch great martial artists and stuntmen delivering fatal blows to an evil character

But I am not sure you yourself see the value in filming your own performances.

Forget self-consicousness.  You ARE performing just like the olympic athletes and movie stars.  The more you film yourself, the more you will get comfortable with being a star and your self-consciousness will fade away.

How to use video:

    1. video your form, watch it for stances, timing, eye contact, confidence.  Mark the date in your notebook and KEEP the video for later reference
    2. a month later, video the form again and review for the same criteria
    3. see if you can share video with your instructor or some other instructor that you know will provide honest feedback.
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