What happens before Christmas? #5

Written by on December 21, 2021


The Final Lesson

Christmas Day

a metaphysical interpretation of Christmas

Faith, Peace, Love, Joy

Christmas Day

As we bring our study of the Christmas season to a close, we recall the “gifts of Jesus,”  the birth of these qualities in our own hearts—faith, peace, love, joy.   We celebrate FAITH,  knowing that the great divine spirit is in charge of everything and realizing that all we need to do is let go of the busyness of human circumstance, to shut off the negative input of our world and the “peace which surpasses all understanding” will flow into our hearts.  We also know that there is only one true force in all the universe, LOVE.  We know that love is the only thing that solves all problems, and we celebrate our realization that JOY is an inside job.  JOY is indeed our true nature.

Today, we celebrate the birth of the divine presence in your own heart. It is a glorious awakening in which you realize that you have an infinite capacity for love, for strength, for peace, and for joy.   We must, however, be careful.   While it is appropriate to celebrate the arrival of baby Jesus annually in December, we must realize that the arrival of love and faith and hope and strength is something that can happen in every moment of every day.   It occurs when we start looking on the bright side and let go of anger, frustration, guilt, and hate.  That’s when the light of god shines forth from your heart.  That is YOUR Christmas Day!


From Rev. Mark Fuss:

 “The child whose birth we celebrate at Christmas became a bringer of hope. Jesus’ teachings, his example, and his legacy have at their heart deep love, forgiveness, inclusivity, welcome, and hope. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give our world this Christmas is to follow his example.”

 Awaken to your divine nature


Rev. Eric Butterworth says that the greatest teaching of Jesus is “the divinity of man.”  And Jesus himself said that all of can do the same things he did, and even greater, through the Father who lives within.    And so as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we also celebrate our own awakening to our divine nature. We celebrate that we too can be the light of love and hope and peace and joy to all those around us. Look at this image and imagine that the sun bursting over the horizon is your own divine nature shining forth from your heart, today and every day. Merry Christmas!

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