Yvette & Taylor Hawthorne

Written by on September 27, 2009

Learning How NOT To Be Aggressive

Taylor & Yvette Horthorne


Taylor Hawthorne was just 3 years old when she started at Karate for Kids in Mesa three years ago.  When I asked her mother, Yvette, why she chose Karate for Kids for Taylor instead of something more traditional for a little girl like dance or tumbling she said this, “Taylor was being aggressive at school.  I was getting calls at least 3 times a week about her hitting.  She was very stubborn and often refused to do what she was told.  They wanted me to come and take her home.  I heard that Martial Arts was good for discipline, and that’s what Taylor needed.”

And self-discipline plus a whole lot more is what Taylor has achieved.  Within 6 months Taylor’s behavior started to change at home and most importantly, at school.  She could be reasoned with and was being more cooperative. (Be sure to read the feature article, page 2, on karate and aggressiveness.)  Karate for Kids has also given her the confidence to try other things like soccer and basketball.

This month, Taylor will turn 6 and earn her green belt.  She has spent half of her life at Karate for Kids.  Yvette has taken advantage of all the activities and events that Karate for Kids has to offer.  Taylor attends all clinics and seminars and competes at all the in-school and regional tournament, and even attended her first national tournament in Las Vegas this past February. “It was a wonderful experience”, mom said.

Yvette sees a “bright and wonderful future” for Taylor as she continues to grow and learn, and have this academy as a major influence in their lives.  “In all this time, I’ve never had trouble getting Taylor to want to come to class, especially on sparring weeks, and she loves weapons training!”

Actually, a Ssahng Jeol Bong weapons clinic is what peaked Yvette’s interest.  “I saw what the class was learning and it looked like so much fun, so I got started right then.”

Yvette is a juvenile probation officer.  The state only requires and provides 8 hours of physical training once a year.  Her regular participation at Karate for Kids has given her more confidence.  Fortunately, she has never had to use anything that she has learned in class, but the potential is always there.  “This is the most consistent physical activity I have ever done in my life.  It has kept my interest; I come to class 3 times a week and have met some great people.” She says with great pride and anticipation, “I’m testing for my Black Belt this month!”

About a year ago, Taylor’s school called to say that she was hit in the face by another child.  Yvette thought “Oh no, what did Taylor do back?” Good news, she didn’t hit back. When Yvette talked to Taylor about the incident that night this is what she had to say; “I really wanted to hit him back, but I knew it was the wrong thing to do, so I let the teacher deal with him!” These words came from a 5 year old Karate for Kids student!

—-Mission Accomplished—-

When I asked Yvette if there were any unexpected benefits for being in the program she had this to say; “This is such a great program, everyone develops focus and discipline.  We use our Taekwondo every day, every where. I use words with Taylor like integrity, focus, honesty, self-control, discipline and goal setting.  And she can relate to this.  Until my experience with Karate for Kids, I would have never thought to speak to a 5 year old like that!”

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