Written by on March 17, 2014

“Turn off the video game and come to the table now!”   It’s 6:05 PM at the Macready residence, and the evening “ritual” has begun.    Six-year-old Richard has been at his video console for an hour and half now.  At first, Mom was happy because the game kept him quiet so she could prepare dinner.  Now that she is ready to serve, Richard can’t seem to make the transition from video game to dinner.

“Get away!  Leave it alone!”  Richard shouts at his four-year-old sister, Maggie, who has decided SHE wants to play.  And now the conflict escalates.

“Frazzled” does not begin to describe the combination of frustration, anger, and exhaustion that Mom feels at this point.

Fortunately, the next afternoon while relaxing at the park with her children, Mom is talking to another parent whose child has been in traditional martial arts.

“You won’t believe the change that can occur.   My Adam is so much more focused.  He listens better.  And the best part is that he makes transitions more easily and is more tolerant of his younger brother.   He knows that every week I turn in a report card to his karate instructor, and if it’s not good, he will hear about it.”

That brief conversation is exactly why you want your child in a traditional martial arts program.


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