Martial Arts Builds Confidence in Children

Written by on February 18, 2014

Karate-KidsAll parents want their kids to be strong and confident.  We all get excited when our kids become class president, captain of the team, or student council member.   We all want them to raise their hands, ask questions and give answers in class.  We want them to participate.  We want them to be leaders, not followers.

Some of us come into the world naturally wired to act like this, but the vast majority does not.   We need a little coaching. Sometimes, we even need to be pushed, and rather hard.   Sometimes even fun things seem scary.  So, often parents have to be there gently coaxing them along.  It is important not to give in to the fears.  Leaders are always out front.  I know you want your child to be a leader, right.  Being out front means doing new things all the time.  So be there for them and don’t let them run away from the challenges that will help them grow.

So how can we help our children become strong and confident?


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