Valeria Tapia-One Great Surprise After Another! 6-2011

Written by on May 27, 2011

Valeria Tapia

Valeria Tapia’s story begins like so many others.  By age six, she had tried dance and other activities.  Nothing seemed to spark her interest until she learned that one of her school friends, Leah Millman, was coming to KARATE FOR KIDS.   Mom, Maria, and dad, Albert, brought her in and, from that day on it’s been one great surprise after another!

SURPRISE #1:  “She just wants to be here all the time!!”
Like many children, Valeria just wasn’t interested in other “traditional” kids activities.  “It was a pleasant surprise that she got so excited about KARATE FOR KIDS so fast”, Maria says, “She wants to be here all the time!”



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