Winning at ATA Worlds: 1992

Written by on June 8, 2022

Chief Masters William Babin & Jay Kohl


  1. Daniel W Lovely   On   June 8, 2022 at 4:10 pm

    Senior Master, I love you and what you continually do representing the ATA and Taekwondo as a whole. You always do good and teach with the right demeanor. I first met you in 1983 when I was a new student at Mr Rex Veeders school on Speedway in Tuscon. I think you were sitting on the judges panel. You and Mr. Veeder made every student feel important down to the newest white belt. I was sold on the positive effects this martial art could have on peoples lives.
    I left Tuscon (as a blue belt) because of my work and received a transfer to Apache Junction. Great for me I was able to locate a local club under your domain, being operated by 2nd Degree BB Jim Hill and his wife. I continued to train to the level of brown belt at Mr Hills school, before work caused another move. We moved to Maine and I was able to drive several hours to attend a club in Bangor . But work happened again. We moved to Houston TX in 89 I think. Found a fantastic club in Woodlands TX, operated by World Champion Renee Allen-Battenberg. Finally after years of perseverance I received First degree recommended. You go where work leads you and again I was off. This time to Lufkin, TX and as always I found my way back to an ATA school. This time under the training of Master JD Olford and Mr. John Ross. My path took me into the instructor training program and the rank of 2nd Degree. On the road again, moved back to Maine and found a school operated by Mrs Johnson and Mr. Andle in Falmouth, ME where I completed my instructor certification. Mrs. Johnson helped me get my school up and running and provided awesome support. While my school did not blossom as I had planned/dreamed , I was able to complete a journey of many years. I only hope that I was a positive influence on the students with whom I trained. At the end of it all I am still greatly blessed to have had this experience in my life. While I do not train any longer, I still appreciate the email and positive antidotes you share.
    Love what you do. ATA forever!
    Sabumnim, Gam sah ha me da.

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